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Ms. Hassan was born and raised in San Diego, California. She started dancing at age 6 with the Ballet Conservatory under the direction of Ms. Paz Soriano (R.A.D. Syllabus, French and Cuban technique). Many years later she relocated to the Lemon Grove Arts Complex where she received much of her ballet training from under the direction of Ms. Teresa Wells. She performed in many L.G. Arts productions and became a company member of Mirabile Ballet at the age of 14.

Ms. Hassan continued to train, teach and choreograph under the mentorship of Teresa Wells for over 15 years and gives much credit to Ms. Teresa for her guidance and support.
She was a staff teacher and featured performer with the San Diego Civic Youth Ballet and has taught ballet, pointe, jazz, and hip hop for many studios and programs, including:

  • Academy of Performing Arts, San Diego, CA
  • San Diego Dance Center, San Diego, CA
  • Chula Vista Recreational Dance Program, Chula Vista, CA
  • Joan Kroc Performing Arts Center, San Diego, CA

Ms. Hassan has also received recognition for her talents with offers from the Alvin Ailey summer and year round programs in New York and the Deeply Rooted Dance Co. in Chicago.

She has worked with C. Anthony Cole Repertory Dance Company in 2000 and also with Xavier Hicks Artistic Director and Founder of Selah Dance Company from 2001-2003.
Ms. Hassan has been featured and starred in many productions such as the Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Suite and many other notable roles through out her dance career.
She is currently teaching and working with Tracy Van Baalen, Artistic Director of The Dance Conservatory (formerly Dance Express Studio) as the Associate Director. 2009 marks her directorial debut in “A Nutcracker Revisited” a Dance Conservatory production.

Recent The Dance Conservatory Productions:

  • Co-Directed A Nutcracker Revisited 2007, Directed by Tracy Van Baalen
  • Co-Directed Redemption of the Dark Heart (an original production) 2008, Directed by Tracy Van Baalen
  • Co-Directed A Nutcracker Revisited 2008, Directed by Tracy Van Baalen
  • Co-Directed Redemption of the Dark Heart 2009 (an original production) , Directed by Tracy Van Baalen

Ms. Hassan is currently the Principal Dancer and the Rehearsal Director of LaDiego Dance Theater. She has worked very closely with Mr. Marshall for many years and when he moved back to San Diego after retiring she was one the 1st dancers to join the company.

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