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Aliyah Hassan currently works as a Project Manager at  an internet marking firm located in San Diego, CA which develops products and internet strategies for the dental, medical and legal divisions all over the US and abroad. The products include and are not limited to custom html websites, video websites, search engine optimization (SEO), flash animation, pay per click (PPC), content management systems (CMS), and many more.

As a project manager , she oversees the full life cycle of new projects as well as managing the internal work flow, resources and deadlines for her team. With over 15 years in customer service experience, she can handle speaking to clients, running consults and taking on existing projects to get them back on track.

Aliyah has also trained the customer service specialist department with a carefully laid out 6-8 program. For 2-3 hours per day, all new CSS reps, meet with her to learn not only about the company and its products, but how to manage client accounts and training clients on how to use the products and services. She also started the corporate training program for new hires, similar to an orientation program. Many types of training strategies were used in the CSS training program, lectures, PowerPoint presentations, hands on projects and quizzes to test their knowledge. After the 6-8 sessions, the CSS would take a 5 hour test on all that was learned. The importance of this training program is to prepare them to take on a client load and pick up where things were left off. Aliyah also served as a mentor for all CSS’ who needed guidance as they were placed in a market which could be a big as a 100 clients to manage and maintain.

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