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Little Yellow Flower

I have no idea what type of flower this is but all I know is its yellow and pretty. If you know what this is, contact me so I can make a mention of it and thank you. ♥

Resource of the day: Zen Habits

Came upon this pretty cool website called Zen Habits. I like to visit this site and read some of his posts. I like the fact that he keeps the posts simple and to the point. There is a lot of info provided about how to dela with situtations, take new steps and figuring the best […]

Redemption of the Dark Heart

The Dance Conservatory is currently rehearsing for our upcoming production “Redemption of the Dart Heart.” The show is directed by Tracy Van Baalen and co-directed by me. This is our 2nd year and so far its off to a great start. I couldn’t be more prouder of all the students. We are performing at The […]

Me the Photographer

My dad is a retired photographer. I tend to follow in his footsteps. So obvioulsy, I want to be good photographer. I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20 digital camera with a powerful 36 to 432 mm Leica lens. It also has 12x optical zoom. You can shoot automatic or manual focus. Its a really great […]

Dance Biography

Ms. Hassan was born and raised in San Diego, California. She started dancing at age 6 with the Ballet Conservatory under the direction of Ms. Paz Soriano (R.A.D. Syllabus, French and Cuban technique). Many years later she relocated to the Lemon Grove Arts Complex where she received much of her ballet training from under the […]

Work Life

Aliyah Hassan currently works as a Project Manager at  an internet marking firm located in San Diego, CA which develops products and internet strategies for the dental, medical and legal divisions all over the US and abroad. The products include and are not limited to custom html websites, video websites, search engine optimization (SEO), flash […]

A Hummingbird Surprise

As I was taking photos in the garden in Balboa Park, this little humming bird popped in front of my camera. I was soooo shocked, but didnt panick. I took as many shots as I could. This was one of my favorite shots. Thanks to Ethan for getting out the apartment and going an a […]